Selecting an international Health Insurance


In need of an international health insurance cover?
If you are planning to live/work abroad, you may need a Top-up plan to your existing health insurance social protection plan (in European countries such as Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Germany etc.) or simply a 1st EURO/USD International Private medical insurance plan. 

We invite you to carefully read our resource documents and select carefully your preferred international health insurance plan based on your country of nationality.

Before anything else, we advise our intending international expats to first, consider your return to your home country.

Why? This is because some countries offer easy reconnection to the national social security cover by offering a link with their social security through different platforms such as the Caisse des Français à l’Etranger (CFE) or ORPSS while other countries (like Germany) allow you to still maintain your local coverage even if you are/have lived abroad.

Having these sorts of considerations helps a lot of intending expats at knowing the right point to start from and steps to take, particularly when your expatriation tenure comes to an end and would need to make the right reintegration to the home country’s social security cover.

We advise you on which solution to choose before your departure or even if you are already expatriate for a choice in addition to the CFE with a supplementary insurance or for a private international health insurance in Euro/USD.

The choice depends on your age, your current situation, and the composition of your family to optimise your medical insurance package. 

Feel free to liaise with us for more information.