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Think Insurtech – ThinkCare: Committed to our International partners success


Think Insurtech was initially designed by a broker to streamline internal operations, increase productivity, enhance the customer journey and provide a way to track the entire matrix of brokerage activities. 

Understanding the global landscape and lack of tools, Think Insurtech was founded on a simple principle - helping brokers by providing a proven business model and tools in an affordable and scalable SaaS platform.

The platform compares private and corporate international health insurance plans from 30+ global insurers helping clients choose the best plan that suits the wants, needs and budget requirements in real time and within a matter of minutes.


 Why should you choose Think Insurtech?

1.The platform is unique – given the fragmented nature of the independent intermediaries – globally tools to assist brokers are lacking and customized broker solutions are expensive.


2.Think Insurtech is an independent platform for comparing international health insurance plans. It provides brokers a professional tool for collecting the client’s information, an algorithm for matching plans and premiums, guaranteeing speed and accuracy to assist your clients in real time.


3. Innovative and proactive customer experience – the system was developed around expats globally working with clients remotely. The platform delivers a set of services for quick important tasks completion, professional insurance comparisons, advice, online support and regulatory compliance.


4. The platform is both customizable and scalable. The system can white labeled allowing the broker to brand, used for quoting local domestic plans, in multiple languages and currencies.


5. A comprehensive, state-of-the-art platform providing insurance comparison and useful info. Members can get quotes, purchase covers online and renew insurances on time.


6. Professional expertise in international health insurance, cost containment, cross border healthcare and technology with regional experiences throughout the world.


ThinkCare – Selecting insurer and reinsurer risk carriers to offer simple and direct plans designed for local nationals and expatriates. A universal customer journey with digital engagement, designed for individuals and businesses.




1)Five modules ranging from pure protection in patient only, inpatient with limited outpatient full inpatient and outpatient, inpatient, outpatient and dental and vision, up to enhanced benefits including vision, wellness, dental and maternity.


2)Area coverage that allows a wider choice of providers for treatment that matches the client’s needs and budget requirements.