Major Risk +

ThinkCare Benefits Major Risk +
Annual limit per year & per person & life time coverage $2,000,000 / €2,000,000
Hospital plan (hospital services during hospitalisation) Zone 1 Africa; Zone 2 Europe; Zone 3 Worldwide excl. USA:
Accomodation standard in hospital overnight or as a day case Private room max. $/€350 per day; Semi-private room Full refund
Parent accomodation with an insured child under 18 Full refund
Day care treatment or out-patient surgery Full refund
Nursing care Full refund
Operating room, medecine & surgical dressing Full refund up to 30 days
Prescribed drugs and materials Full refund
MRI, PET & CT-PET scans Full refund
Intensive care, intensive therapy, coronary care, dependency unit Full refund
Surgical fees including anesthesia Full refund
Reconstructive surgery following accident/eligible medical condition Full refund
Specialist's consultations fees Full refund
Diagnostic test - pathology X-rays Full refund
Organ and bone marrow transplant services Full refund
Pacemaker Full refund
Dialysis Frais réels
Cancer treatment Full refund
Terminal illness - palliative & hospice care Up to $50 000/€50 000
Psychiatric treatment Full refund waiting period 10 months
Recontructive surgery Full refund
Rehabilitation Up to 60 days/condition
Nursing care at home Up to $100/€100/day max 30 days/condition
In-patient emergency dental care Full refund
Local transport by ambulance Full refund
Hospitalization cash benefit $150/€150 per night
ThinkCare Benefits Major Risk +
Outpatient services (per year & per person) Up to $5 000/€5000
Pre and post hospitalisation consultations & diagnosis analysis within 15 days from the admission Up to $5,000/€5,000/condition (max 15 days pre-admission and 90 days post-hospitalisation)
General practitioner fees Full refund
Specialist fees Full refund
Day patient & out-patient surgery Full refund
Lab test, X-rays, diagnostic & pathology test Full refund
Prescribed medicine & drugs Full refund up to €500/$500
Psychiatry & psychotherapy Not coverd
Prescribed medical aids Up to $1500/€1500/condition if post hospitalisation
ThinkCare Benefits Major Risk +
Chiropractic, osteopathy, homeopathy, acupuncture treatment, physiotherapy, traditional Chinese medicine by a recognised practitioner Up to $500/€500
ThinkCare Benefits Major Risk +
Check-up including screening for early detection (full health screen, mammogram, Papanicolaou (PAP) test, prostate cancer screen) & vaccinations Up to $200/€200
ThinkCare Benefits Major Risk +
In-patient treatment care & day care treatment Full refund
ThinkCare Benefits Major Risk +
Including glasses, frames, contact lenses, laser treatment after 9 months of policy purchase Not covered
ThinkCare Benefits Major Risk +
Normal pregnancy and delivery costs Not covered
Complications of pregnancy and childbirth Not covered
Cover for new born baby Up to $100 000/€100 000 if added to plan within 30 days
ThinkCare Benefits Major Risk +
Chronic conditions & preexisting conditions Full medical underwriting
ThinkCare Benefits Major Risk +
Routine dental treatment (check up, basic treatment) Not covered
Major restorative dental treatment including orthodontic, prostheses bridges, implants Not covered
ThinkCare Benefits Major Risk +
Medical Assistance - Evacuation - Repatriation Yes
Claims Administrations - Process reimbursement Henner
Direct billing hospital Yes
Annual deductible or per condition None
Optional Co-insurance 10% & 20% on Outpatient Treatment Care only