Kidnap & extortion insurance: In a dangerous world, we got your back!


Our insurance solution is a specialty crime coverage against loss by the surrender of property as a result of a threat of harm to the named insured, an employee, or a relative or guest of the insured or the insured's employees.


Let's illustrate our case:


Scenario 1

You’ve just learned that seven of your company’s engineers have been taken hostage in a foreign country in which you have launched a massive project.

The kidnappers are demanding US $89 million in exchange for their lives.

How do you respond?


Scenario 2

Your company’s website has just been hacked. 


A message appears on the home page, threatening a mass contamination of your beverage product unless you pay $10 million.

What's your first move?


Scenario 3

You are a member of a wealthy family. 

Your son is kidnaped.


What do you do?


Scenario 4

You’re an international construction company, working on an extensive project.

Your organization begins to receive calls, with death threats to employees and their families, unless US $7 million is paid.


Who do you turn to?


You turn to your Brokerslink specialized partner.


With a global network of highly specialized consultants, Think Insurcare is specializing in providing solutions relative to kidnapping, extortion, and maritime piracy.


Insured events: Kidnap/Extortion/Wrongful detention/Hijack/Threat event/Disappearance/Express kidnap


Summary of benefits:


- Independent professional fees: 

Public relations consultant and/or interpreter

Forensic analysts

Legal advice 


- Medical & recovery costs:

Psychiatric, medical and dental care

Cosmetic or plastic surgery

Rest and rehabilitation expenses

Job retraining costs 


- Security and resolution costs:

Temporary physical security measures

Communications and recording equipment

Reward to an informant

In case of hijack, landing and take-off fees, refueling charges and transportation of all occupants of a hijacked conveyance to their final destination 


- Travel:

Travel and accommodation for the victim and his immediate family 


- Remuneration:

Salary, bonuses and commissions

Replacement salary

Salaries of employees assisting in the negotiations

Personal financial loss 


- Other costs:

Interest on loans

Search for explosives or other harmful materials

Electronic sweeps for bug or other electronic listening devices 


- Optional coverage:

Business interruption/Assault/Tiger kidnaping/Evacuation and repatriation/Child abduction/Hostage crisis




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