One of the biggest challenges faced by corporations and employers regarding their staff is the incidence of high staff mobility and turnover, and therefore the need to put in place employee retention programs has become a key requirement.


Our flexible group cover offers great plan limits up to €/$2,000,000, and these plans cover in-patient and out-patient treatment, preventive care, dental & vision, Maternity benefits optional, medical assistance (repatriation) and direct hospital billing with a range of co-insurance.


ThinkCare plans (EUR/USD/Top-up CFE) are community rated plans distributed through our digital distributive platform Think Insurtech SaaS platform.


The Think Insurtech SaaS platform is a fully digital API-based platform developed by Think Insurtech to automate the distribution of international group and individual Healthcare policies, manage Marketplace and Data/Compliance in accordance with the international GDPR regulation.


The ThinkCare group health international insurance is tailor-made to cater for all sizes of organisations Small Medium Enterprises (SME), NGOs/Affinity Groups, International Organisations and Multinationals with staff strength ranging from 3 to over 200 employees.

Our underwriting philosophy are FMU and MHD depending on the size and peculiarities of the groups.

ThinkCare Group (EUR/USD/Top-up CFE) product is a comprehensive health insurance plan adapted for international/local employees, members of Affinity groups, Small and Medium sized Consultant/Project Managers etc.


The minimum group size for this cover is 3 to 9 persons.


 These plans offers the following benefits:

  • Annual limits up to $/€2,000,000
  • 6 zones of coverage
  • Hospitalisation
  • Outpatient care
  • Dental/Vision optional
  • Maternity package optional
  • Wellness/Well-child benefits
  • Medical Assistance/Repatriation
  • Co-insurance Outpatient (Nil/10%/20%)
  • FMU underwriting for groups of 3+
  • MHD underwriting for groups of 10+