ThinkCare health insurance plans are eligible as the Top-Up to the Caisse des français de l'étranger (CFE)

ThinkCare international health insurance plans are eligible as a Top-Up to the Caisse des Français à l'Etranger program and your reimbursements for the base are managed by the Caisse des Français à L'Etranger.

A one-stop shop is available with our Third Party Administrator to manage the end-to-end one-stop shop with the Caisse des Français par l'Étranger.

You can use their mobile application to process your routine medical reimbursements or email scan with dedicated managers.

24/7 Medical assistance is managed by Euro Center.

Choosing CFE and a Top-Up depends on the situation of each person, their destination, country of residence and it can be interesting to combine these two solutions but not in all cases from an economic point of view.

The CFE acts as the basic plan for and ThinkCare Top-Up plans reimburse the difference not covered by the CFE.

Our individual and family as well as group health insurance plans for companies and organizations are very competitive for expatriates living abroad in support of the CFE program.

We can mix a group with a population of expatriates/nationals at the 1st Euro/1st USD and a sub-group in addition to the CFE in order to bring all the flexibility to manage the mobility of its employees.

What is a basic scheme and the Caisse des Français à l'Etranger?

The Caisse des Français de l'Etranger is a private institution under the supervision of the French administration and governed by the Social Security Code.

It allows French people, but also Europeans, to benefit from the French social security system abroad as a basic scheme.

It mainly covers three major risks:

+ Sickness, maternity and invalidity,

+ Sickness, maternity and invalidity, + Disability  and life insurance - Income protection

+ Pensions

A CFE mutual insurance or complementary international insurance allows you, like your current mutual insurance in France, to make up the difference between the reimbursement of the social security scale and the real costs you have to bear abroad.

As medical expenses are not expressed in the same way as on French territory, it is imperative, depending on your destination, to opt for health insurance in addition to the CFE to cover your expenses.

The insurer managing the Top-Up in addition to the CFE provides the CFE base to the insured with a "one-stop shop", direct billing to hospital, Refund claims differences between CFE Table of Benefits and insurer benefits as a Top-Up.

Finally, the insurer provides medical assistance, repatriation evacuation if not provided by the CFE, and above all 24/7 anywhere in the world.

Download the CFE documentation in PDF:

Barème de remboursement Caisse des Français à l'Etranger

Carte du Monde des zones de remboursement