Major Risk

ThinkCare Benefits Major Risk
Annual limit per year & per person & life time coverage $2,000,000 / €2,000,000
Hospital plan (hospital services during hospitalisation) Zone 1 Africa; Zone 2 Europe; Zone 3 Worldwide excl. USA:
Accomodation standard in hospital overnight or as a day case Private room max. $/€350 per day; Semi-private room Full refund
Parent accomodation with an insured child under 18 Full refund
Day care treatment or out-patient surgery Full refund
Nursing care Full refund
Operating room, medecine & surgical dressing Full refund up to 30 days
Prescribed drugs and materials Full refund
MRI, PET & CT-PET scans Full refund
Intensive care, intensive therapy, coronary care, dependency unit Full refund
Surgical fees including anesthesia Full refund
Reconstructive surgery following accident/eligible medical condition Full refund
Specialist's consultations fees Full refund
Diagnostic test - pathology X-rays Full refund
Organ and bone marrow transplant services Full refund
Pacemaker Full refund
Dialysis Frais réels
Cancer treatment Full refund
Terminal illness - palliative & hospice care Up to $50 000/€50 000
Psychiatric treatment Full refund waiting period 10 months
Recontructive surgery Full refund
Rehabilitation Up to 60 days/condition
Nursing care at home Up to $100/€100/day max 30 days/condition
In-patient emergency dental care Full refund
Local transport by ambulance Full refund
Hospitalization cash benefit $150/€150 per night
ThinkCare Benefits Major Risk
Outpatient services (per year & per person) Not covered
Pre and post hospitalisation consultations & diagnosis analysis within 15 days from the admission Up to $5,000/€5,000/condition (max 15 days pre-admission and 90 days post-hospitalisation)
General practitioner fees Not covered
Specialist fees Not covered
Day patient & out-patient surgery Full refund
Lab test, X-rays, diagnostic & pathology test Not coverd
Prescribed medicine & drugs Not coverd
Psychiatry & psychotherapy Not coverd
Prescribed medical aids Up to $1500/€1 500/condition if post hospitalisation
ThinkCare Benefits Major Risk
Chiropractic, osteopathy, homeopathy, acupuncture treatment, physiotherapy, traditional Chinese medicine by a recognised practitioner Not covered
ThinkCare Benefits Major Risk
Check-up including screening for early detection (full health screen, mammogram, Papanicolaou (PAP) test, prostate cancer screen) & vaccinations Not covered
ThinkCare Benefits Major Risk
In-patient treatment care & day care treatment Full refund
ThinkCare Benefits Major Risk
Including glasses, frames, contact lenses, laser treatment after 9 months of policy purchase Not covered
ThinkCare Benefits Major Risk
Normal pregnancy and delivery costs Not covered
Complications of pregnancy and childbirth Not covered
Cover for new born baby Up to $100 000/€100 000 if added to plan within 30 days
ThinkCare Benefits Major Risk
Chronic conditions & preexisting conditions Full medical underwriting
ThinkCare Benefits Major Risk
Routine dental treatment (check up, basic treatment) Not covered
Major restorative dental treatment including orthodontic, prostheses bridges, implants Not covered
ThinkCare Benefits Major Risk
Medical Assistance - Evacuation - Repatriation Yes
Claims Administrations - Process reimbursement Henner
Direct billing hospital Yes
Annual deductible or per condition None
Optional Annual deductible Nil/ $/€1,000; $/€2,500/$/€5,000